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I feel a lot more comfortable in my skin... and here is how*


Hello Lovelies,

So I have always had quite bad skin and it has affected how I feel about myself. Until recently when I switched up my morning and evening face routine. Before I was just splashing water on my face and taking my makeup off thinking yeah this will do, but then as soon as I started to use the right products I was becoming a lot happier with my skin. Just because this worked for me doesn't mean that it will work for you because everyone has different skin!

I obviously start in the evenings by taking off my make-up... this is the most important part. I just use a make-up remover and cotton wool.  But apart from that everything else I do twice a day!

Liz Earle products are one of my favourites when it comes to keeping my skin clean because they are so natural. The Hot Cleanse and Polish leaves your skin feeling really refreshed and as soft as a baby’s bottom. It also removes any excess make-up your remover may have missed while taking away any dirt that may have accumulated. You rub it into slightly damp skin and then use the muslin cloth to wash it off; however I do that slightly differently...

I rub in my Liz Earle Hot Cleanse and Polish using my Magnitone because it works it into my skin, cleaning all my pores out. It also means I make sure I cover my whole face because it feels so nice I make sure I’ve covered everywhere. On top of that it also adds to your face feeling like a baby’s bottom which... I might add helps makeup go on a lot better in the mornings because it is such a smooth base.

If in the final two steps I hadn't removed all the dirt then after this it is all defiantly gone! I apply a few drops onto my cotton wool pad and wipe across my whole face. It helps adding to the feeling of freshness. I love adding this to my whole routine because it makes sure I'm super clean.

In the evenings only I take a cotton wool swab and dip it to the bottom of the bottle. It picks up a brownish liquid which you then hold onto one spot. Obviously you have to keep changing cotton wool swabs as to not spread the germs of each spot but it helps. It dries on the spot white a bit like toothpaste does but then dries out the spot reducing the redness also. It basically gets rid of it in two days!

I hope you have enjoyed a little insight into my morning/evening face routine, leave a comment or tweet me if you'd like to see a morning routine or something!

-Abigail x

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