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Dinner at the Berystead Hotel, Ascot.




Hello Lovelies,

So last night I was invited to a surprise meal for one of my good friend, Poppy's 16th birthday. Obviously as it was a surprise she had no idea it was going on and it was all arranged amazingly by her mum!

We all arrived slightly earlier than Poppy and were warmly greeted with mocktails!

Once Poppy had arrived we went through to the dining area which had been beautifully decorated and set up once again by Poppy’s Mum. The table was covered in everything girly you could imagine, pink and white roses, fairy lights and little white boxes with intricate designs covering the sides filled with mini eggs! These are a big girl version of a party bag if you like!

Prior to arriving we had to decide what we would like to eat and I choose for a starter to have new season beetroot and whipped goats cheese, apple gel and pickled apple. For a main I choose Butternut Squash and Ricotta Cannelloni, courgette ribbons with cherry tomato fondue. And then finally for dessert I choose Strawberries and white chocolate ganache with pistachio tuile. All three choices I made were absolutely divine and I loved them all, especially the dessert!
Throughout the meal we were also offered variations of bread, which the onion one was the best.


I had an amazing meal at the hotel and would defiantly recommend it to anyone who is nearby, or looking for somewhere to go with amazing food.

Thank you so much to Poppy for having me there, I loved the whole experience! It was also crazy that I got to see one of my friends who I haven't seen for 9 years, as we both left the school. But then have both ended up moving to the same area without knowing!

- Abigail x 

Meet My Furry Friend!


Hello Lovelies,

So unless you follow me on snapchat, twitter or instagram then you may not know about my little friend. I may say little, but he is actually HUGEE!

My cat is called Monty and it's all because in his fur there is an 'M' on his forehead. I personally love his name and it was the first one that i thought of when I picked him up.. Not Ben10 or Scooby Doo as suggested by my brother!

I found Monty on a website called where anybody can list any pet they may have. It could be anything from Kittens, Dogs, hamsters, Snakes, Puppies or Horses.. you name it, they have it! I wanted to say it's a bit like eBay but for pets however the animals are loved they just need a home and so I felt bad saying that. Anyway at the time I just put in my postcode and searched for kittens. Monty was the last in his litter and so we were lucky to find him. We went round the owners house, met Monty and fell in love.

We have had Monty for under 4 years and it is his 4th birthday on the 9th June.

Monty is a ball of fluff that used to love going outdoors, but now we have moved he hates it. He also never used to cuddle up to you until we moved and so I'm very happy now!

I was trying to decide how to photograph Monty when i ended up having a full blown 30 minutes photoshoot with him. I couldn't decide which ones I loved the most so I went ahead and decided to share a lot.

- Abigail x

Chocolate Easter Treat!


Hello Lovelies,  
Around Easter I always have lots of chocolate, so I thought why not show you how to use up some! ENJOY!
100g Milk Chocolate
100g Mini Eggs (One Bag)
150g Marshmallows
25g Butter
3 Tbsp. Golden syrup
400g Rice Crispies
1. Put a saucepan of water on to boil.
2. While waiting make sure all your ingredients are prepared and ready because it gets super quick just chucking everything together you don't have time! 
3. In a Glass Bowl that is larger than the saucepan, add together the milk chocolate, butter, marshmallows and golden syrup.
4. Place over the boiling water and stir constantly with a spatula.
5. Once all has melted down, remove the bowl and place it on a cooling rack. 
6. Immediately add in all the rice crispies and mix mix mix! make sure all the crispies are covered and remember to scrape the bottom of the bowl as lots of chocolate will still be there!
7. Spoon the mixture into muffin cases and it's okay for them to be large! I filled 10 cases!
8. Then add on top mini eggs to look like little birds eggs on a nest.
9. You can either eat them while they are gooey or leave in the fridge for 2-3 hours and they would have set.

I love eating these treats all year round because it is sugar galore but it is acceptable more around easter because... well everyone is eating chocolate so why not.

Happy Easter, i hope you all have a lovely time whatever you do and enjoy the 4 day weekend! 
-Abigail x

Spring Makeup Look!

Hello Lovelies,

So I have just uploaded a video on youtube showing a spring makeup look. I didn't talk through the products or mention any of them over there so i thought to share them here!

Highlighter: Benefit-Highbeam
Eye Primer: Benefit-EyePatrol

-Abigail x

February Birch Box Review!


Hello Lovelies,

So halfway through the month of February I decided to order a birch box. My mum is always buying the look fantastic box and so I thought it was time to treat myself!

The birch box is only £10 with £2.95 delivery making it around £13, which is really affordable for a box of 5 goodies! I received mine within 5 days of ordering it and so i have been testing them out for over a week so i can then share my thoughts with you... enjoy!

The first thing I pulled out of the box was the main reason I had purchased the box. The Spectrum brush. The brushes add a pop of colour to a pot and stand out against the black and white brushes. The brush itself picks up quite a large amount of product and has quite a thin tip. I have been using it for blush because I like to apply it at the top of my cheekbone between my contour and highlight.

Also in the box was this hair band by . To me at first, I was wondering why on earth there was just a hair band thingymbob in the box but then I read the pamphlet about it. It turns out the little bobbly bit and odd texture are there to help prevent it tangling up in your hair. When I take one of my cheap Primark hairbands out they always snag at my hair but now when I yank this one out of my hair it literally just comes at ease.

LOC is a new make-up brand which has been launched by birch box on their website. For Februarys box you were able to pick between two shades, a gold shimmer or a silver shimmer. I went for the golden champagne colour as it is one of the main colours I regularly reach to use. The colour itself is really pigmented however I struggled to blend it out. After I had worked around with it and attempted to blend for a while it finally did and created such a beautiful colour.

This is a face mask that also has a built in scrub. The packaging of the product is really cute because it is white with red polka dots leaving spaces for the writing, I love the contrast of colours. I applied it like a face mask and then before I took it off I rubbed it around to exfoliate my skin. It does leave your skin clean but I was left with red patchy skin after and I'm not sure why. The product smells incredible but I won't be buying it again because it upset my skin:(

This spray has changed my hair. My natural hair is curly and quite coarse causing it to be kind of straggly I guess when I straighten it. However when I got out of the shower I towel tried my hair and prized this through, combing my hair. I then blow dried and straightened it. I have never felt my hair so soft. It didn't add any weight to my hair if anything it made it a lot more lightweight. The product is a leave in conditioner so I did find my hair felt a bit greasy by the next evening but nothing a little dry shampoo couldn't fix!

I'm not a big lover of hand and body lotion only because I'm too lazy to rub it in! The Cochine lotion smells amazing so I thought to test it out. I rubbed it into my arms and legs after a shower and could smell the lotion, meaning it clearly has good pigmentation... can you even use that to describe a smell? Im looking for a word like.. long lasting, strong but not overpowering, Not subtle?! help!! Anyway.. it smells amazing and doesn't leave a greasy feel to your skin. It dried pretty quick as well, which for someone partial inpatient is good for me! I couldn't test it out however on my hands because of my eczema, cream always stings my hands:(

I hope you have enjoyed a review of Februarys Birchbox, you obviously can't order this one because its now march but March's box is now out so go and check it out over on

-Abigail x

My little blog is two years old!


Two years ago today I was sat in my bed, unable to sleep. It was around 1am and I had school the next day, being only 14. I had tried to read and get myself to fall asleep but that wasn't working and then I started catching up on my favourite blogs. I'd must of read at least 15 before I thought that maybe I should start a blog... And so I did.

It was 1am and I decided right now is the time to do it. I started to look things up on my iPad trying to find the best website when I stumbled upon blogger. It was so simple to create and set up my blog. I fell in love with the designing aspect until it came to the name. I was really stuck on what to make it. I went through all the nicknames people called me until I came across abster hamster... Which you can learn about in a post called 'you know my name, not my story'

My first ever blog post was 25 facts about me, written with such poor grammar that it makes me chuckle. After writing my first post I got a buzz and wrote another two to save in my drafts. My photos were taken on my iPhone and I didn't really know what I was doing. I was doing my blog for a laugh and to have fun. It has also helped my English at school because I have a tendency to ramble on about utter rubbish, which I've managed to try and sort of.. Not really control on my blog! 

When I first started my blog I never looked at page views or shared it really on social media, so any views I got were from the World Wide Web. I never told my friends as I wanted to keep it to myself as a place to vent and share how I felt. But things change and I later told a few. Only the end of last year begging of this year have I started to tell family and that's because I never thought they'd be interested. They'd tell me to stop wasting my time and concentrate on school work. Yes I should be doing that but my blog is helping with my English homework okay ;). Since then my page views have been increasing so I began increasing the amount of posts I put up a week.

I know I say it a lot but it's true....
I'm so thankful for all the opportunities I've been given over the past two years and to all the incredible people I have spoken to, all thanks to my little space on the internet.
Everything that has happened over this time, I never would have dreamed could happen when I started abigailjessicax back in March 2014. I mean it from the bottom of my hart. Thank you to every single person for making my blogging journey so incredible, thank you for the continued support whether it be on here, social media or in person. I hope I can continue creating content that you enjoy reading!
Thank you so so so so so much!!


-Abigail X

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