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February Birch Box Review!


Hello Lovelies,

So halfway through the month of February I decided to order a birch box. My mum is always buying the look fantastic box and so I thought it was time to treat myself!

The birch box is only £10 with £2.95 delivery making it around £13, which is really affordable for a box of 5 goodies! I received mine within 5 days of ordering it and so i have been testing them out for over a week so i can then share my thoughts with you... enjoy!

The first thing I pulled out of the box was the main reason I had purchased the box. The Spectrum brush. The brushes add a pop of colour to a pot and stand out against the black and white brushes. The brush itself picks up quite a large amount of product and has quite a thin tip. I have been using it for blush because I like to apply it at the top of my cheekbone between my contour and highlight.

Also in the box was this hair band by . To me at first, I was wondering why on earth there was just a hair band thingymbob in the box but then I read the pamphlet about it. It turns out the little bobbly bit and odd texture are there to help prevent it tangling up in your hair. When I take one of my cheap Primark hairbands out they always snag at my hair but now when I yank this one out of my hair it literally just comes at ease.

LOC is a new make-up brand which has been launched by birch box on their website. For Februarys box you were able to pick between two shades, a gold shimmer or a silver shimmer. I went for the golden champagne colour as it is one of the main colours I regularly reach to use. The colour itself is really pigmented however I struggled to blend it out. After I had worked around with it and attempted to blend for a while it finally did and created such a beautiful colour.

This is a face mask that also has a built in scrub. The packaging of the product is really cute because it is white with red polka dots leaving spaces for the writing, I love the contrast of colours. I applied it like a face mask and then before I took it off I rubbed it around to exfoliate my skin. It does leave your skin clean but I was left with red patchy skin after and I'm not sure why. The product smells incredible but I won't be buying it again because it upset my skin:(

This spray has changed my hair. My natural hair is curly and quite coarse causing it to be kind of straggly I guess when I straighten it. However when I got out of the shower I towel tried my hair and prized this through, combing my hair. I then blow dried and straightened it. I have never felt my hair so soft. It didn't add any weight to my hair if anything it made it a lot more lightweight. The product is a leave in conditioner so I did find my hair felt a bit greasy by the next evening but nothing a little dry shampoo couldn't fix!

I'm not a big lover of hand and body lotion only because I'm too lazy to rub it in! The Cochine lotion smells amazing so I thought to test it out. I rubbed it into my arms and legs after a shower and could smell the lotion, meaning it clearly has good pigmentation... can you even use that to describe a smell? Im looking for a word like.. long lasting, strong but not overpowering, Not subtle?! help!! Anyway.. it smells amazing and doesn't leave a greasy feel to your skin. It dried pretty quick as well, which for someone partial inpatient is good for me! I couldn't test it out however on my hands because of my eczema, cream always stings my hands:(

I hope you have enjoyed a review of Februarys Birchbox, you obviously can't order this one because its now march but March's box is now out so go and check it out over on

-Abigail x

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