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Meet My Furry Friend!


Hello Lovelies,

So unless you follow me on snapchat, twitter or instagram then you may not know about my little friend. I may say little, but he is actually HUGEE!

My cat is called Monty and it's all because in his fur there is an 'M' on his forehead. I personally love his name and it was the first one that i thought of when I picked him up.. Not Ben10 or Scooby Doo as suggested by my brother!

I found Monty on a website called where anybody can list any pet they may have. It could be anything from Kittens, Dogs, hamsters, Snakes, Puppies or Horses.. you name it, they have it! I wanted to say it's a bit like eBay but for pets however the animals are loved they just need a home and so I felt bad saying that. Anyway at the time I just put in my postcode and searched for kittens. Monty was the last in his litter and so we were lucky to find him. We went round the owners house, met Monty and fell in love.

We have had Monty for under 4 years and it is his 4th birthday on the 9th June.

Monty is a ball of fluff that used to love going outdoors, but now we have moved he hates it. He also never used to cuddle up to you until we moved and so I'm very happy now!

I was trying to decide how to photograph Monty when i ended up having a full blown 30 minutes photoshoot with him. I couldn't decide which ones I loved the most so I went ahead and decided to share a lot.

- Abigail x

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