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Get the Festival Vibe!*


Recently when I have been scrolling through my Instagram, it is beginning to be filled with more and more festival pictures every day. Still being in school I was extremely jealous and was wishing I was at a music festival instead of preparing for my GCSEs. Then I thought why not bring the festival to me?!

A company called Pure Tatts got in contact with me and after seeing the tattoos it made me long to be there ten times more. So of course being the strange human being that I am, I covered myself in them. Secretly I used the excuse that I was testing them to see how long they lasted and to share on here but really it was because I wanted to seem all cool and hip.

Pure Tatts was started by two men called Jason and Malte who noticed a gap in the market for white transfer tattoos. The only choices out there before were gold and silver, and then these boys came along. Not only do they make beautiful tattoos but 10% of their net profits go to a chosen charity each month, which if you ask me is extremely generous.

Pure Tatts sell many different designs all of which are different. I received two of their packs. One named Dreamer (RRP. $10 containing one sheet) and the other Mantra (RRP. $15 containing two sheets). Mantra out of the two packs had to be my favourite because I loved the feather design. However my favourite was actually in both packs and that is because it is the symbol of the brand which is a heart with what looks like countries in at a glance but then closer up you notice it is intricate designs.

I applied 3 tattoos on Thursday to test out the durability because the packet claims they last 4-6 days. The simple arrow design I applied to my left wrist, which I wear a watch on every day. Because I had something over it I thought it would last a lot longer but the strap rubbed it off by Sunday. This was the same for my right wrist where I had the feather design because over the top I had on bracelets and tight hair bands. However on my ankle I placed the heart with the design inside and have had socks and tights on over it or leaving it bare and not a single bit has smudged. That means it has lasted 5 days already including Thursday afternoon.

The tattoos once applied look so nice on my skin because I am still partially tanned from the summer so they show up really well but I’d imagine if you are a lot paler they may not be as visible but I’m sure they would still look gorgeous!

Obviously because I am an amazing person you can head over to the Pure Tatts website: and get 25% off with the code ‘abigail25’ Thank me later when you look incredible covered in tattoos!

-Abigail x

Afternoon Tea at the Waldorf Hotel!




Hellooo Lovelies,

On Saturday it was my mother’s birthday and as a gift I took her to the Waldorf Hotel in London. We started the day shopping around and buying everything we saw before venturing over! I chose the Waldorf for afternoon tea because not only had everybody online said it was incredible I also was enticed by the idea that it has the same name as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl. I had booked the afternoon tea for 2pm so we arrived at 1:45 as you have to wait in a little queue with others arriving at that time. The room was full of subtle chatter and a harpist playing in the centre. The room its self was so beautiful with such intricate detail especially the sparkly chandeliers! 

We started off with Tea because it isn’t Afternoon tea without tea and so I just had English breakfast tea while my mum opted to go with coffee. The man bought some mini sand timers that my mother and I instantly thought we could only be there for a certain time until we realised it was how long to let your tea brew for!
Next came out a plate of sandwiches, Ham and Mustard (my favourite!), cheese and cucumber, egg and cress, tomato cheese and salmon. The Ham one definitely had to be my favourite closely followed by the gorgeous egg!

Then came the incredible of all incredible things… the cake tier! The plates consisted of scones, chocolate finger sponge, tiramisu, passion fruit cupcakes, macaroons and so many more! My favourite had to be the tiramisu because it was so creamy I loved it. My mother loved the chocolate finger sponge because it was freshly out the oven and still warm so the chocolate chunks were still melted which was a great touch! Overall the food was of a very high standard and we thoroughly enjoyed all of it.

If you are out in London then I would really recommend booking for afternoon tea here. Throughout the meal there was also a harpist playing which really added to the atmosphere. Staff at the Waldorf were all so welcoming and even bought out a slice of cheesecake for my mum and we all sang because it was her birthday!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and are having a lovely week!

-Abigail x

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