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Yesterday was my last official day at secondary school where I spent the whole day there and got to be with my best friends one last time. Seeing as it is an end of an era i felt like taking a trip down memory lane and sharing some of my favourite memories from the past 5 years with my best friends.

Over the 5 years I have cried, laughed, refused to go to school and now wished there was more days of school. I have fallen out with people, made new friends and then stuck to some people like glue. I wish I could talk about everyone who I have gotten to know or spent time with this year but this blog post would go on for a while because I sing all of their praises. I'm going to stop rambling and just get on with this post now....

I obviously have to start somewhere so i am going to start with the weirdos in my form. Ever since the start our little corner has stuck together. We have been through some weird 'friendship/relationship' things that I don't even know what to call. Now when I go to sixth form who am i going to sing to or have a chat with genuine people! Thank you Jon, Josh and Jay for the endless supply in helping/doing my maths, science and whatever other subject I do's homework or revision, you guys are amazing! Also a special thanks to Jon because he has such a relatable twitter that cheers up my revision! Thank you to Matt for our strange friendship where I can trust you with anything and talk about utter rubbish for hours. Thank you to the girls Cayetana, Mya and Aliana for putting up with my incredible singing and just literally being there. Much love to you all Meme Girls.

Thank you to all of the incredible food tech girls who make food technology a bearable subject. Without you all being there I don't think I could have even made it through. Especially Annie, Georgia and Sammy in our washing up corner which always seemed to be flooded. Thank you to Emma for not being able to cook anything that looks edible and always have the class in floods of laughter (I'm sorry for laughing i feel bad now)! Much love to all the food tech gals.

Thank you to all the lovely girls in sociology who all told me everything was going to be okay when I was failing the subject. Having you all support me and telling me that you all believed in me really made me study my butt off so thank you so so much Lauren, Charlotte, Georgia, Maisie, Ahilya and Olivia you have also made a subject that i was awful at so much more enjoyable. Lots of love to you all.

( I can't find the picture from year 10 it's killing me, so a face swap was the best I could do )

Thank you to my incredible DofE team past and present who are all incredible. Thanks for letting me part of your team and creating such incredible memories together. I must say I didn't enjoy the falling down a hill bit but I loved every other bit. Thank you for having such a high PMA guys. Much love to you all, I'll miss you lots. 


Thank you to a special lady named Maisie W who I only got to know this year. You may have been new at the school last year but i feel like I've known you forever. You are so sweet and kind, always willing to go the extra mile to make sure I'm still smiling. Thank you so much for everything you've done for me it means a lot, love you!

The next 5 thank yous were the hardest i had to write. The group of girls that i have grown to call my best friends all mean the absolute world to me. We have all had our fair share of fall outs but ending this year with you all by my side is incredible. Here goes...

Georgia... better known as george pig. I became friends with you when you joined our group, the formation of the tree group. We have had some incredible memories.. some of which i can't share online as they are partially creepy and too weird for others to witness. Thank you for doing all my food tech washing up for the past two years and managing to also flood the area. Thank you for teaching all of us that once georgia believes in something she won't give up on that belief or step down from it.. (I'm hoping right now that you realise what I'm talking about). I can't believe this next bit... thank you for showing me the good aspects of justin bribers music so that now i have learnt to a few of his songs. I know we have fallen out through out the five years but we are still friends now and I'm so grateful. thank you for everything you've done for me and supported me through. I can't believe we are going to different sixth forms next year but you better pinky promise that we can still meet up please! Love you lots.

Mya.... peanut-butter. Well... we most certainly have had our ups and downs but they have bought us closer together. I remember the first time i came to your house and we ate theese dutch sprinkles on toast starting our strange friendship. Thank you for playing High school story with me and creating our crushes so that if we couldn't date them in real life we could at least in the app... we totally aren't weird not forgetting the emoji names everyone had so that we could talk in code... Thank you for always being my hairstylist and creating such incredible 'designs' in my hair. I remember when we took that one selfie together and from that day we used it for everything we loved it. Thank you for being such an incredible friend... I'm so grateful I found you... Roll on 4th November I can't wait. Much love! 

Lauren, my no1 blogger babe. Where can I even start. Our friendship is so strange to everyone else but to us it's so strangely normal! We have a weird cheek thing that we like to do and we are such utter freaks no one gets us. Thank you for sticking by me through all the worst times and all the best times. Thank you for making me die of laughter everyday yet holding me when I'm crying and stressing over anything and everything. Thank you so so much for everything I can't put into words, I am going to miss you eternally next year I don't know what I am going to do without having you by my side everyday. Next time you're sad, just read my letter. Love you lots. 

Cayetana... well... I've known you the longest out of any of the girls. When I first met you I hated you but how times change because now you're one of my best friends. Thank you for everything you have done for me. You have stuck by my side the longest and I'm so eternally grateful I can't put it into words. Thank you for allowing me to come on holiday with and you, teaching me Spanish, which I still can't do very well. Thank you for jumping my garden fence because I was worried my house was burning down with me stuck in it. I'm so so so glad I met you when I did because we have created some incredible memories. I can't believe I've done Junior school, Secondary and now college with you. I can't wait. Much love. 

I'm so extremely grateful for everyone I've met this year who has even just smiled at me. I have hated our year group at some points but right now I love you all to pieces and I'm so glad all of you were in the same year as I was. Good luck o you all in whatever you do with the rest of your lives. Thank you Collingwood 2011-2016. 

-Abigail x

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