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What I Wore To The Bloggers Ball!



Back in February I received an email from the ever so lovely Scarlett from SL Blogger Events, inviting me to go along to the #bloggersball on the 18th June. Of course I wasn't going to turn down this incredible offer! In this post I'm going to show you what I wore and then tomorrow will be a post about the actual event and the wonderful goodies I received from some of the brands.

Body (Top) - Miss Selfridge - £16.00
Skirt - Miss Selfridge - £35.00
Shoes - New Look - £34.99 (Similar)
Coat - M&S - £79.00

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-Abigail x

Tiger Days And The Secret Cat, Book Review*


When I was sent this book to review I got extremely excited by the fact it was a book that features cats.. my all time favourite thing if you follow me on twitter or snapchat.

The book itself is all about a young girl named Tiger Days that travels down to her grans house during the May half-term and stays there. The book follows the adventures she embarks on as she learns how to care for animals and help them when they may have become in danger. During her time at her grans Tiger Days becomes friends with Tom, a young boy that lives near by and also has a love for animals. Between the two of them they use their passion for animals to help those that need it.

At the beginning of the book Tiger Days dedicates her time to tigers and nothing other than tigers, meaning when her grandmother showed her a warthog she hated it. However through out the book Tigers Days bravery allows herself to overcome the hatred and she learns that she loves the animal.

It's not just in this part of the book that we see this attitude from Tiger Days because in other chapters we see how kind and caring she is towards all of the animals which I believe is a valuable life lesson to any younger child.

The book is aimed at young children (5-7) however if you are more in the double digits range don't hang back in reading the book because it was really enjoyable, especially because of the happy ending! Also the pages are all really pretty with little doodles and I thought that really added to the book.

I would give this book a 4/5!

- Abigail x

Beautiful Summer Bouquet!*


England’s weather is pretty awful. Today especially, it is supposed to be sunny yet it is peeing it down with rain and has been since I woke up however many hours ago! One thing that can make any room seem a lot more like summer is flowers. I love the smell of flowers *sneezes* even if the pollen count is high, effecting my hay fever but it’s okay right... because flowers are pretty! 

I got sent the most gorgeous bouquet from Prestige Flowers called the Grandeur and also added in was a pink vase and some incredible mini praline chocolates. When you order flowers from them they also send a care guide telling you how to look after the flowers which for someone like me who managed to kill a cactus was really helpful! There is also a card telling you a little bit about all the flowers which also was helpful as I know about four.
The flowers arrived really quickly which shocked me because I thought it would be at least a week but really it arrived the next day! One thing that makes me nervous about ordering flowers online is that they will arrive damaged and id has to throw them out but my order from Prestige Flowers came secured in a tall box and wasn't damaged at all! There was also the quote above attached inside and it made me chuckle so I thought I would share it with you as well!

My bouquet has lasted over two weeks and is still going strong. The guide that it came with definitely helped because otherwise they would be dead the next day! If you want to order this bouquet then it is currently reduce from £49.99 to £34.99 so get it while you can at the lower price! The bouquet would be a lovely gift for a birthday or an anniversary! 

Thank you Prestige Flowers for such a beautiful bouquet I love it to pieces!

-Abigail x

What's In My Bag!*


Now that I have finished school I decided to treat myself to a new handbag which of course was completely necessary if you ask me. I picked up this gorgeous mini tote from Next  a few weeks ago because the colour of it is gorgeous! It also has scallops along the front which adds to the detail. Inside the bag there is two open topped pockets which I like to store my house keys in and my phone charger, which I take everywhere!And also a zipped pocket which I hardly use!

Normally I have my phone on the top of my bag which is the iPhone 6s in gold, which I never leave anywhere. The case I have on is from Coconut-Lane which is an online boutique full of every bit of stationary and jewellery that you need to own! If you want to make a purchase head over to their website and you can receive 20% off with the code ‘abigailjessica20’… Thank me later when you have all the accessories possible!  

I carry a notebook with me everywhere I go because you never know what you might need to write down! My notebook is super bright which I love as it makes it a lot easier to find when I’m hunting for it in my bag! This one is from Ikea and was really cheap at only £2. The pages are plain with no lines so you can jot notes down or doodle to your heart’s desire!

I make sure to always carry chewing gum in my bag because you never know what you might eat giving you bad breath or if you’re like me and you just love to chew the gum because it’s really refreshing! CB12  gum* is only £1 and the flavour lasts for what feels like forever! This might sound weird but the gum also looks really pretty! One side is white and one is a baby blue in the shape of a circle and I think they look so cute! I would definitely recommend this gum to anyone and everyone.

No matter where I’m going one item that’s always present has to be my diary. I hate the idea of using my phones diary because what if it suddenly swipes and I’ve lost it all at least this is a paper copy! I originally bought the diary because of how pretty it looked and for £6 it wasn’t going to break my bank because it was so pretty. However the diary has now made me 10x more organised because I can plan out when I’m working when I can put up what blog post and where I should be at what time! I found this gem in Sainsbury’s!

In my bag I always carry my house key.. Well it’s pretty obvious why… I wouldn’t be able to get into my house otherwise! Another trusty member on my lanyard has to be my Waitrose card because of the daily free coffee/tea and there is no way I am missing out on getting that every day! I also have my school card which I have to hand in at the end of this month because I’m leaving but for now… My photo from many years ago still lives on.

 Next up is my bag of everything that needs to be tidy. The little makeup bag is from Kurt Geiger and is the perfect size for all my bits! I decided to go into a bit more detail about each item…

Even though I’m not supposed to use it because I always have eczema on my hands I still carry it just in case! So the next thing is hand-sanitizer from Bath and Body Works in America in a Christmas scent because they are the absolute best! Mine smells like toasted marshmallows it is incredible!

One necessity to be in my handbag has to be a lip balm and I have loved the Nivea lip butter in raspberry. Not only does it look amazing, it smells amazing and it tastes amazing (you probably shouldn’t eat it but if you lick it off your lips then it tastes just like ice-cream!). I normally also carry lipstick but seeing as it is getting ‘hotter’ now I prefer to take lip balm around so that my lips wont dry up! 

I recently cut my hair and because mine is naturally curly it is always knotty. I have been wearing my hair straight a lot now but the knots are still there so I take my trusty tangle teezer with me everywhere. This was a travel one so it is slightly smaller and normally has a cap on it to stop it getting dirty and hair going everywhere but I lost it and so I need to purchase a new tangle teezer I just keep forgetting! I would really recommend a tangle teezer to anyone who gets knotty hair really easily because it doesn’t hurt to brush them out at all with this brush!

One of my favourite favourite brands for body washes has to be Soap and Glory, so I was excited to try out their hand food in sugar crush. The smell... The smell is incredible it makes you die a little every time you sniff it! It really reminds me of the green calipo ice-creams I used to eat when I was younger. The cream itself is very moisturising and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy at all which I hate about some creams. If you do suffer from dry hands get your butt down to boots and pick up one of these they are super affordable and it does exactly as it says on the tub!

Carrying a pocket mirror is essential to making sure you don’t have lipstick on your teeth or smudged mascara! I picked mine up from Primark for around £1 and it is really good quality and hasn’t smashed woo!

Finally something everyone has tangled in the bottom of their bag is headphones. Mine are just the apple ones that came with my phone but they always end up squashed at the bottom of my bag oops!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post! What one thing do you always have in your bag?

-Abigail x 

Mini Selfridges Haul!




A long long time ago... really only about a month, I ventured into London with my Mother for the day where we did some shopping before I treated her for afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hotel (Read my review here!). Before any of this even happened we had to go into Selfridges… Okay we didn’t have to I insisted we went. I only picked up two items but I thought that since they are both so pretty to photograph I couldn’t not share them with you!
The first makeup item I picked up was this Mac Lipstick. Prior to this trip I owned at least one lipstick from every finish apart from frost. That was soon to change when I noticed the gorgeous colour Angel. I am normally drawn towards either end of the spectrum, neutral or bold. I have one subtle pink but never found an interest in pink colours. When I picked up Angel I did so because of the way it glistened in the light (that sounds so corny and strange I’m sorry) but it literally does. The colour like all mac lipsticks is highly pigmented and I can’t possibly fault it. If I could why would I keep buying them! The lipstick isn’t drying on the lips at all and I find the formula very moisturising and I think that is down to the finish which allows the product to be like this.
After visiting Mac and also getting a sample of a foundation that I wanted to try I headed over to the Nars counter. I had never owned an item from Nars as I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much money on a product. Well this day was all about changes and so I had to buy the most raved about product… the blush in Orgasm. Let me tell you... I mean let me tell you… if you can justify the amount to spend on this product then do it. The pigmentation of the blush means you can easily build up how much you want it from a subtle rosiness to a clown if you wished. The colour is similar to the highlight in the Urban Decay Naked Flushed because of its sparkle and shimmer. Also if you are strange like I am and smell your products that you are putting on your face then I’ll let you add this one to the nice smelling list. It doesn’t smell fake or artificial it smells like baby powder and fairy dust. It’s hard to explain but it just smells nice!

-Abigail x

Crop Tops and Trousers.




You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter that I have a big love for New Look clothing at the minute, most of my wardrobe is filled with their clothes. Obviously when I placed a big order online I had to share with you an outfit I had put together!

I paired together these trousers with a crop top because of the high waistband. I thought that showing a slight bit of my tummy, seeing as it’s supposed to be 'summer', would be better with a crop top than a floaty top tucked in. I have rather strange body sizes so I love trousers that I can tie at the top because it means they fit properly! Trousers that are loose are perfect for summer because they don't get clingy and sweaty like skinny jeans. 

The detailing at the top of the crop-top has to be my favourite part because of the scalloping, especially for summer because it reminds me of flower petals laid out in a row. In the summer I like to wear off the shoulder tops so I don't get too sweaty and so obviously this top is perfect! If you didn't want to wear a crop top, like I said above you could wear a floaty white-cami or t-shirt to dress the outfit down and not be as smart. The top itself that I am wearing is by Cameo Rose.

The shoes I am wearing are the most gorgeous pair I have ever laid eyes on. The picture doesn't do them justice (or the fact that I dragged my brother to take the pictures who has no idea how to work the camera). The pattern is like lots of lacy flowers have been strung together. I am normally one to go straight for my Vans or Converse however I wanted an outfit that was smarter and looked I guess a bit sophisticated. The shoes have a zip at the back which means you can easily take them on and off but because I have such strange sized feet I had to also undo the laces at the front so that I could do them up tighter!

(I bought the shoes last week but now I can't find them online, so above is some similar)

-Abigail x

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