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Crop Tops and Trousers.




You may have noticed if you follow me on twitter that I have a big love for New Look clothing at the minute, most of my wardrobe is filled with their clothes. Obviously when I placed a big order online I had to share with you an outfit I had put together!

I paired together these trousers with a crop top because of the high waistband. I thought that showing a slight bit of my tummy, seeing as it’s supposed to be 'summer', would be better with a crop top than a floaty top tucked in. I have rather strange body sizes so I love trousers that I can tie at the top because it means they fit properly! Trousers that are loose are perfect for summer because they don't get clingy and sweaty like skinny jeans. 

The detailing at the top of the crop-top has to be my favourite part because of the scalloping, especially for summer because it reminds me of flower petals laid out in a row. In the summer I like to wear off the shoulder tops so I don't get too sweaty and so obviously this top is perfect! If you didn't want to wear a crop top, like I said above you could wear a floaty white-cami or t-shirt to dress the outfit down and not be as smart. The top itself that I am wearing is by Cameo Rose.

The shoes I am wearing are the most gorgeous pair I have ever laid eyes on. The picture doesn't do them justice (or the fact that I dragged my brother to take the pictures who has no idea how to work the camera). The pattern is like lots of lacy flowers have been strung together. I am normally one to go straight for my Vans or Converse however I wanted an outfit that was smarter and looked I guess a bit sophisticated. The shoes have a zip at the back which means you can easily take them on and off but because I have such strange sized feet I had to also undo the laces at the front so that I could do them up tighter!

(I bought the shoes last week but now I can't find them online, so above is some similar)

-Abigail x

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