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Mini Selfridges Haul!




A long long time ago... really only about a month, I ventured into London with my Mother for the day where we did some shopping before I treated her for afternoon tea at the Waldorf Hotel (Read my review here!). Before any of this even happened we had to go into Selfridges… Okay we didn’t have to I insisted we went. I only picked up two items but I thought that since they are both so pretty to photograph I couldn’t not share them with you!
The first makeup item I picked up was this Mac Lipstick. Prior to this trip I owned at least one lipstick from every finish apart from frost. That was soon to change when I noticed the gorgeous colour Angel. I am normally drawn towards either end of the spectrum, neutral or bold. I have one subtle pink but never found an interest in pink colours. When I picked up Angel I did so because of the way it glistened in the light (that sounds so corny and strange I’m sorry) but it literally does. The colour like all mac lipsticks is highly pigmented and I can’t possibly fault it. If I could why would I keep buying them! The lipstick isn’t drying on the lips at all and I find the formula very moisturising and I think that is down to the finish which allows the product to be like this.
After visiting Mac and also getting a sample of a foundation that I wanted to try I headed over to the Nars counter. I had never owned an item from Nars as I couldn’t bring myself to spend so much money on a product. Well this day was all about changes and so I had to buy the most raved about product… the blush in Orgasm. Let me tell you... I mean let me tell you… if you can justify the amount to spend on this product then do it. The pigmentation of the blush means you can easily build up how much you want it from a subtle rosiness to a clown if you wished. The colour is similar to the highlight in the Urban Decay Naked Flushed because of its sparkle and shimmer. Also if you are strange like I am and smell your products that you are putting on your face then I’ll let you add this one to the nice smelling list. It doesn’t smell fake or artificial it smells like baby powder and fairy dust. It’s hard to explain but it just smells nice!

-Abigail x
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  1. I would live to get this blusher as ive heard so many good reviews and it looks so stunning but the price of nars is something I can't quite justify! Why do nice things have to be so expensive?! I really love you blog by the way!


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