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The Secret To Naturally Whiter Teeth In 14 Days!*



I was sat ticking off everything on my checklist to get ready for prom when I got to the last point. ‘Teeth?’ I wasn’t sure what to do because after watching over 100 prom GRWM on You Tube everyone had done something whether it be whitening them or somewhat. I obviously wanted to jump on the band wagon and do something but what exactly I had no idea.
That was until I got to work with OSHUNwhite, which are a company that have a natural method to whitening your smile. The method used to whiten your teeth is called oil pulling which at first sounds so strange yet it is so simple. You literally swish coconut oil around your mouth for 5-15 minutes every day for 14 days, plus you can choose from 4 different flavours (spearmint, peppermint, wild cherry or crushed lime) which made the experience taste a lot nicer.
I choose spearmint because I love anything minty and so I obviously had to go with that as my choice also because I believe everything minty just keeps your breath fresher.
I’m not going to lie when I used my first sachet I gagged slightly and thought it was such a weird texture however it’s grown on me. The texture is a bit like a smoothie because it is quite thick so I can see why it says start with 5 minutes then increase it. I do my sachet each evening then clean my teeth then use mouthwash before moving onto the OSHUNwhite Copper Tongue Cleaner. Now if there is anything slightly stranger than swishing oil around your mouth then it has to be using this contraption. You basically drag the copper along your tongue because the properties in the Copper help to make your tongue free of bacteria.
The way the oil works is by reducing the harmful bacteria from your mouth. Now you’re thinking right that’s good but how does it whiten my teeth. Well with low levels of harmful bacteria it helps to naturally reduce plaque, whitening your teeth and a fresher breath.
I was sceptical that something like this wouldn’t work but it truly did. I would recommend these two products to anyone especially with how cheap they are with £20 for 14 sachets! They are so incredible my teeth look not only one but two maybe three shades whiter than before which was all done naturally!
Let me know in the comments below or on twitter (@_abigailjessica) if you have ever whitened your teeth and if so how!

-Abigail x
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