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Tiger Days And The Secret Cat, Book Review*


When I was sent this book to review I got extremely excited by the fact it was a book that features cats.. my all time favourite thing if you follow me on twitter or snapchat.

The book itself is all about a young girl named Tiger Days that travels down to her grans house during the May half-term and stays there. The book follows the adventures she embarks on as she learns how to care for animals and help them when they may have become in danger. During her time at her grans Tiger Days becomes friends with Tom, a young boy that lives near by and also has a love for animals. Between the two of them they use their passion for animals to help those that need it.

At the beginning of the book Tiger Days dedicates her time to tigers and nothing other than tigers, meaning when her grandmother showed her a warthog she hated it. However through out the book Tigers Days bravery allows herself to overcome the hatred and she learns that she loves the animal.

It's not just in this part of the book that we see this attitude from Tiger Days because in other chapters we see how kind and caring she is towards all of the animals which I believe is a valuable life lesson to any younger child.

The book is aimed at young children (5-7) however if you are more in the double digits range don't hang back in reading the book because it was really enjoyable, especially because of the happy ending! Also the pages are all really pretty with little doodles and I thought that really added to the book.

I would give this book a 4/5!

- Abigail x

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