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WHEN facemasks review!*


I love to do facemasks especially at the end of a long week full of stressing out from everything anything or if I’ve been into London. I have fallen in love with the facemasks by WHEN recently because of how incredibly moisturising they are for your skin. My face goes through stages of being very dry to combination so when I was having a dry moment I used the WHEN ‘The last choice’ mask.

When the mask first came out of the packet it felt like a bit of plastic covered in face cream, it wasn’t until I unwrapped it that I realised it wasn’t! The facemask itself was sandwiched between two different bits of plastic to keep the moisture locked in. After applying the mask I looked like something out of a horror film that had its face peeling off! The mask had to stay on for 30 minutes so I went about re-painting my nails, having a full pamper session. After removing the mask there was still a bit of the moisturising product on my skin and according to the instructions you can just massage this into the face and neck… so I did just that. The product didn’t leave my skin looking oily at all and I was really worried that would happen. It also smelt really good!

I also tried the WHEN ‘Travelmate’ which I used after going into the city for the day. I felt like it did practically the same to my skin as ‘The Last Choice’ but was a lot more moisturising meaning it left me feeling quite a bit oily. It definitely left me feeling a lot more refreshed after being stuck in the city for the day.

Between the two I preferred ‘The Last Choice’ because it wasn’t as moisturising in the fact that I felt really oily afterwards! WHEN facemasks have quickly become one of my top 5 to use when I need a pick me up.

WHEN facemasks can be bought for £7 each from the places below depending on your country:

United Kingdom
Birchbox Uk
Selfridges & Co. (London)

Birchbox France
Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche (Paris)


Birchbox Spain


-Abigail x

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