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A few months ago I collaborated with a gorgeous brand that allow you to either purchase a piece of jewellery from their website or you can design your own. I did the latter and decided to create an item that I have since fallen in love with.

Over on the DIWAH website I set about playing with all the features and ended up creating 3 different types of necklaces, before I decided on the final, named Smokey Droplets by the lovely designer.

The designing process itself was a lot easier than I anticipated, where you start by choosing your necklace chain (they've just released bracelets too!). I decided on the Collar as longer necklaces look funny on me so I wanted something I knew that I would wear again. Then you get to decide your desired beads, that you like most and there is lots of 'sections' if you like to choose from. I went with  classic as that suits my personality more but if you wanted something more edgy they do black, greens, blues you name it they will have it! The clasp, okay the clasp I choose is absolutely gorgeous. I originally choose it because it was so unique and I'd never seen anything like it before. Yet once it arrived I was so much more in love with the colour. It is called a Bright Rose Gold Spring Hoop, which by appearance reminded me a bit of something to do with a sailor... I'm not quite sure why but it did!

Once having created the design you add it to your cart and pay for it. Then one of the lovely designers (I had Laura, not that you get to decide who does it but just incase you were curious!) Would put together your necklace by hand and craft it just the way you had designed it. Below are some snaps they sent over to me of my necklace being made and oh my goodness why does everything look so photogenic it makes me so happy... back to the real world now.

The necklace arrived in a black sleek box with a pink bow around it as though it was a gift which I thought was such a special touch. The necklace itself was wrapped in many many layers of pink tissue paper to protect it while in the post!

If you want to order your own necklace design or see what else is available then head over to and have a look around, play with the jewellery maker!

-Abigail x

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