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Yesterday I headed up to London with one of my good friends Poppy from the youtube channel PoppyLinehanx to attend the #SEVENTEENBLOGGERNETWORK event. 

During the course of the event we where able to listen to guest speaks such as Kate Snooks (YES I WAS FREAKING OUT INSIDE AND WE GOT A PICTURE !!), Rollo Goldstaub who works at Google/Youtube and celebrity make-up artist Vanessa Guallar. I may be partial to say so but I loved all of the tips Kate shared about her beauty blog and I am hoping to put them to use over here on my site! 

I was ever so grateful and felt so fortunate to be invited to such an incredible event where I genuinely came away feeling like I had learnt something really useful! All the products featured in this post were gifted in a goody bag which I wasn’t expecting at all and there will be a more in-depth review of them to come!

I also 'vlogged' the day to try it out and it may have turned out miserably but hey, you have to start somewhere...


(I can't find links to the playsuit or the sandals so I have tried to find similar for you!)

-Abigail x

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