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More Than Just A Bracelet.*


When looking at a piece of jewellery how do you decide whether you are going to buy it or not? Do you decide based on the price? Appearance? Packaging? Slogan? I do all but not all.

What first attracted me towards was their slogan 'Anchor yourself to something special' I fell in love with the words and to me it had such a beautiful meaning. The slogan itself had made me want...need one of these bracelets but with such a large range of colours how was I supposed to choose?

I based my decision on the anchor itself as I owned a lot of Gold and Silver Jewellery but not yet Rose Gold. Being a typical blogger I obviously was  drawn into this. I then had the hard decision of the strap/rope however I went with something slightly neutral compared to that of the Rose Gold, so that the anchor was the main feature.

I have been wearing my Sail Brace bracelet for about a week now and I have to say it is the comfiest thing I've ever worn, half the time I forget I'm wearing it! Obviously the bracelet isn't waterproof because the 'strap' would get ruined but because it can easily be tied and re-tyed it is easy to remove for a shower!

The bracelet would be a perfect present for a best-friend or loved one at christmas as it is suggesting to them, that you don't want to lose them and fell like you need to hold them close. Guess my friends already know what they're getting for christmas,

Sail Brace have only recently launched in the UK, so if like me you have completely fallen in love with the whole website then feel free to head over and purchase one yourself. I have a 10% discount code available to you which is 'abigailjessicax' so make sure you go over to to make sure you get a fabulous saving! If you are interested in the Rose Gold and Grey Bracelet then you better hurry as they are limited addition!

-Abigail x

A brand I've never used before... But Now I love !!


The lovely Molly over at W7, sent me a few makeup items to try out. W7 is a brand that I always see when I'm scrolling through Amazon or on social media yet I've never ordered any because I don't like the idea of having to do it all online as I can't go into the shops to swatch and try everything out!  

I was rather intrigued by the idea of a waterproof foundation and had always wanted a product that would last. I wore the foundation on my GCSE results day and lets leave it as a cried multiple times. There wasn't a single streak in my face and not a single bit of the makeup had moved. I was so impressed that it had lasted through my salty tears. The coverage is very high for the foundation and I think this helps in making it waterproof and long-lasting. The colour I wore is Sand-Beige and although it is slightly too pinky for me I just blended it down my neck and managed to get away with it! The packaging is similar to many of my high end foundations being that it has a pump and is a glass bottle. I feel although the bottle being glass helps keep the product looking clean because its easier to wipe away fingerprints of foundation! If you are going to be crying like me, or if you just want a high coverage foundation without the cost then I am definitely recommending the W7 Waterproof foundation as it was incredible.

Obviously to go with a foundation you need a good primer and that is exactly what the W7 Prime magic, camera ready prier does. The consistency of the primer is similar to the photo ready Smashbox primer. It is obviously clear and doesn’t have a slight tint or colour like other primers I have tried previously. I use quite a bit of primer as I’d rather have slightly too much and my pores are protected than not enough. I’m not sure if the primer helps with the foundation but it does definitely hide majority of my pores and makes my skin look photoshopped without the photoshop.

The eyebrow pencil (shade brown) was in a 'style' I'm going to call it that I have never used before. I'm normally a gel kind of girl with powder over the top as I love the finish it gives on your brows. However… When using the W7 product it was so creamy yet dried like a powder I was amazed and couldn’t believe that all this times I had been using a gel with powder over the top when there was a product available that could do both. The nib is in the shape of the bristles on an eyebrow brush if you know what I mean! It is triangular and slanted so that you can get those on fleek brows!

I also tried out the lipstick in the shade Damson. The red colour is my go to shade for going out in the evenings, as it is more glam and bold which is the look I always like to go for. The colour pay of is a lot higher than I first anticipated because it is such an affordable price. The lipstick isn’t as long lasting as a more high end product and it will last for around 3 hours and thats with drinks and food too. The lipstick has a matte finish which means it isn’t shiny or glossy. A lot of matte lipsticks have a rather drying formula but I found this one didn’t and it still moisturised my lips while wearing it. 

The final W7 product that I tried was the ‘Eye want it’ eyeshadow collection. The colours in the palette are all my normal go to options and I really liked the pigmentation. It did take slightly longer to blend the colours out but I didn’t mind because it does give me the option of more of a prominent look if that is what I wanted. My favourite colour had to be the pinky shimmer as it was such a gorgeous colour. It looks lovely either as a lid colour or even as a light dusting on the top of the cheekbones as a highlight. The tin works as really good storage for the colours however I do think it is rather bulky and it sticks out in my draw. You could easily de-pot them and pop them into a z-palette but I am unsure if they are magnetic or not!

I hope you have enjoyed this review of a few W7 products. My favourite has to be the foundation I have fallen in love with it and now wear it everyday!!

-Abigail x

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