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In need of Sunglasses? Don't worry, I've got you covered!*


Now that the weather is brightening up I have loved being able to wear sunglasses again! Obviously living in the UK we rarely get a chance to wear sunglasses so as soon as I went away to Florida I knew that I would finally get wear out of them. Below are a couple of shots of my favourite pair that I  have been loving recently teamed up with a cute outfit to give you inspiration!

On the right I am wearing them on my head as a fashion accessory.
On the right I am wearing them to keep out the sun while playing with snapchat filters!

My sunglasses are from a website called and they are a website that allows you to buy not only sunglasses but also prescription glasses in many different styles. The glasses are super affordable and are definitely long wearing because I've had mine for over six months now and they are still going strong. The glasses also came in a plastic box to keep them protected which is much better than the material ones you get in shops!

You can find my sunglasses here:

I have unfortunately left my glasses with my best friend over in America because I am so forgetful however here is a picture from their website of what they look like up close:

So gorgeous!!

-Abigail x

Photo Diary | Florida


You may remember a few posts back I went on holiday to Texas with my family. After that trip we flew down to our family home in Florida and then stayed there for a while, soaking up more sun and spending more money on things we didn't need! Above are some of the photos I took while I was there.

-Abigail x

Cleaning Your Makeup Brush's Just Got Easier*


Everyday I like to change up my eye makeup because it allows you to be creative. However it is such a hassle, having to keep cleaning your brushes in-between each creation. Well beautyessentials have saved my butt here, all because of their Shadow Switch. The Shadow Switch not only cleans your brushes but it is also eco-friendly, hygienic and reliable! For only £5.99 you can clean your brushes so easily without having to use any water or solution! I tried out two of my brushes below so you can see the comparison.

I use this makeup brush way too often for a brown crease. This week I decided right before college I wanted to have a pink/red crease but all my brushes are brown/black from the previous couple of days. Out I whipped my shadow switch to give my brushes a swirl around. Within seconds of swirling the dry brush, on the dry sponge, it was clean. When I then put the brush into a pink tone there wasn't a single trace of brown so I was rather impressed!

One of my most used brushes has to be there for applying glitter to my eyelid. I wasn't expecting the shadow switch to take out any of the glitter as I struggle when cleaning my brushes with a solution to clear all the glitter but this did a much better job than I anticipated! The brush has no trace of the golden/copper glitter so I can dip straight in to a different crazy colour.

Beautyessentials have recently changed their packaging (this being the old packaging) to have something a lot more simple, that can also have more added to it. Make sure you head over to the amazon page so you can see what new exciting things they will be releasing!

The Shadow Switch would also be really handy if you are going away on holiday for at least two weeks. You could easily keep up with the cleaning of your brushes, without having to worry about a liquid solution running all over you clothes in a suitcase.

-Abigail x

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