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My Favourite Four Autumn/Winter Lipsticks.


I'm always excited for that time of the year, when the weather completely changes because it means I can wear my favourite bold lipsticks ALL the time and no-one can stop me. My top four favourites are all below!

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid - 40 Berry Burst
Think of your favourite Matte Liquid Lipstick... is it drying? Opaque? Just a bit dull? Well it can't be one of the Maybelline Vivid Mattes then. I love all of the Vivid Mattes, especially because of their pigmentation. You can easily build up the colour and create a bolder look. Berry Burst, once on your lips, doesn't smudge or transfer onto a drink or piece of food. For such an affordable price, I love the Maybelline Vivid Mattes and have definitely put them at the top of my list of beauty products I've been loving. 

Charlotte Tilbury - Glastonbury
The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Glastonbury has to be the most raved about product by bloggers. At this time of the year, everyone is seemingly talking about or wearing this lipstick. I originally heard about it on twitter with everyone going crazy about how gorgeous it was, this being the time where I thought wearing a nude pink was a bold move. I ordered the lipstick a few months ago now because I have become so much more adventurous and I am so glad I did. This is the perfect purple colour that goes with everything. Out of all the lipsticks it is definitely the most long-lasting but you do need a few coats to get the bold lip I always go for. The packaging deserves an award for how gorgeous it is. The gold with a rose gold tinge is beautiful and stands out in my makeup draws because it isn't black. 

Maybelline COLORSENSATIONAL - 435 Perfect Plum
Maybelline lipsticks have to be one of my favourites because of their gorgeous colours and the pigmentation, especially for a drugstore brand. I have featured this lipstick in quite a few blog posts previously and obviously had to bring it up again because I love it so much! The deep red colour is slightly different to all the others that are purple and pink which is why I love it so much. Like the other Maybelline lip product featured in this review the pigmentation is very high yet still has a build-able colour. It also has such a cute name so I can't argue! 

Mac Satin Finish - Rebel
I am and always have been a lover of mac lipsticks, always popping in to create a rainbow on the back of my hand from swatches. The lipstick itself is a deep pink however looks more purple on some people than others. The lipstick being a satin finish leaves it feeling very moisturising on the lips which you need in winter with the temperatures plummeting. Like the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick you need a few coats before it is a bold lip but after that it is gorgeous. It isn't very long-lasting which I was rather disappointed in because many of my other Mac lipsticks can last a lot longer but maybe  I only notice it because the lipstick is a darker shade!

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post where I showed you my favourite autumn/winter lipsticks. I included two drugstore and two high-street lipsticks so that they were affordable to everyone.

-Abigail x

The Prettiest Pinks*


The blush and the lipstick are definitely the prettiest pinks I've ever seen... however maybe the eyebrow pencil is a bit more of a brown. A couple of posts back I tried out W7 makeup for the first time and completely fell in love with it, since then I've ran out of the primer and not found one I love even nearly as much. 

Shade - Hot Gossip

Talk about being sparkly, shimmery and spectacular. This blusher comes in a brick form of a powder, contains 6 gorgeous shades that all work as one or as sextuplets separately (I googled what 6 twins is called and apparently its sextuplets and I felt like it just sat right). My favourite shade is the bottom left hand corner which comes out very similarly to Nars-Orgasm. The paler whites and pinks can even work as a soft highlighter if you were to dip a small enough brush into the colour, then it would work perfectly. The blushers are very pigmented and the glitter  transfers nicely from the brush to the cheek with minimal fallout.

Imagine if you could apply pink glitter to your lips, without the actual glitter the harsh scratchy feel or the dry texture. Oh wait... The shade Negligee by W7 is a gorgeous light/medium pink full of sparkle. The pink colour has a slight opacity to it however this isn't noticeable until up close. The glitter hides the fact the pink isn't a bold colour, however this is what I love about the lipstick. I've never found a lipstick that is full of glitter yet isn't dulled out by a bold, bright toned colour. It's a bonus that Negligee doesn't dry out your lips like any other glitter lipstick would have. For the price of this lipstick it is so affordable!

I am not yet mastered in the skill of getting my eyebrows to look good, no matter how hard I try or the amount of products I use, I cannot get eyebrows that look how I want them too! I used the W7 Super brows, when testing out makeup products late at night (who doesn't lets be honest) and so many people commented on my brows and I was amazed because I thought I'd done a job of a 5 year old. I followed my natural brow shape and added in 'fake hairs' or little lines in simple terms before brushing through with the spoolie so my brows were back in shape. The brush clearly is magical because it blended all these harsh lines that I had created together to create an eyebrow that didn't even look like mine. 

I hope you enjoyed exploring a few more W7 products with me, my favourite from this trio has to be the blusher brick,  I love the shimmery colours and high pigmentation!

- Abigail x

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