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Jim Chapman - 147 Things | Review*


Now that we are in the full swing of autumn there is nothing I love more than sitting under a blanket with a cup of coffee and reading a good book. Last week I was sent a copy of Jim Chapman's new book - 147 Things, now I am normally a big fan of crime and thriller books but having been watching Jim's videos for at least 4 years I thought I had to give his book a read.

147 Things is hilarious. The stories Jim shares about all the random things that he has done and thought about as well as all those theories you've thought might possibly be real, are now answered by Jim! There is countless 'things' in the book that I have never even thought about before but now I have read all about them I want to keep learning more.

My favourite theory Jim explains is 'Thing 113: Coffee doesn't sober you up but it does make poop happen.' The reason for thing 113 being my favourite is because I am capable of having one too many drinks and then trying t recover the next day. The one thing I always turn to is coffee because I think it will wake me up and keep me going through quite a long day. I never thought to link my toilet antics to drinking coffee so I'm rather glad Jim talks about it because I've learnt something new that I didn't even know existed before this! As well as this Jim also had the intellectual description of how coffee works with all our cells and bile ducts and what not, so it's going to help with my biology work at college!

I would recommend Jim's book 147 Things to anyone that doesn't like to read. Now you probably think I'm crazy but because each little theory is only 2/3 pages long it makes it so much easier to read and its not like if you stop reading you have to try and remember what happened. I'd even say to you if you like reading to also check out 147 things because once you've learnt one random thing you want to learn more and the cycle just keeps going!

You can purchase 147 Things online at Amazon or you can go into your local bookstore and I'm sure they'll have it! Here is also a link to the audio book of 147 Things with an exclusive Q&A with Jim.

Also don't forget to check Jim's channel out here if you're not already subscribed:

If you've read Jim Chapman's book already let me know in the comments what you thought or tweet me!

-Abigail x

My Top Three Travelling Essentials*


Now that I have been on quite a few holidays where I have been responsible for sorting out my own things and then packing my own bag, I have come to learn there are a few things in life that are necessities when going away.... and others that really need to stay at home.

1. To kick start my list I am going to begin with Ziplock Bags. These sound crazy but trust me, they are so handy. I have small, medium and large sized bags all with cute patterns on of course but they are perfect for travelling. The small ziplock bags can be used for your carry on toiletries because you can sort them all out at home and have them in the bag ready. The medium sized ziplock bags are perfect for your shampoo and conditioner, your sun lotion and even your moisturiser because you can zip them all up and not have to worry about them getting on your clothes if they leak. Finally the large ziplock bags are perfect for your dirty laundry when coming home. If you separate your laundry out of the clean clothes then unpacking will be so much easier! If you are on a sunny holiday and are using a swimming pool or going to the beach on your last day you can then easily rinse your swimwear and pop it in a medium bag as to not get your other clothes wet. Who knew ziplock bags where such a life saver!

2. The second item I completely recommend you take on holiday with you whether it is somewhere hot or cold, is a small waterproof makeup bag/wash bag. You might be thinking why on earth would I need this.. let me tell you. The bag is perfect for popping inside of your beach bag with your phone and car keys in, not only are they easy to find they are also easily protected from getting sandy or wet. If you're on a cold holiday then it is just as perfect because  you're out all day in the cold, pop your keys and your phone in a sock or too to keep them warm and insulated, then into the bag and voila. Your keys and phone won't be wet from rain or snow and are also kept warm so they don't stop working!

3. Lastly I am going to mention something that stays at home... but is a travelling essential in my eyes. The Smarthome Panasonic* is a home security system that can do many things including: track if any windows or doors have been opened, it also has an indoor camera as well as an outdoor camera (which is weatherproof of course!), you can turn appliances on and off... the list is endless! Everything I have mentioned you can simply track on your phone or tablet anywhere in the world, even while you're sunbathing on the beach or hiking up a mountain. This is a travel essential to me especially with how our current world is and the ever changing weather conditions it would be great if while you were away you could have peace of mind knowing everything was going to be okay.

If you want to find out more information about the Smarthome Panasonic* then you can click HERE!

-Abigail x

Penclic, Does it really work?*


Can you imagine a mouse... thats a pen? Well neither could I until i tried it, and now I'm OBSESSED.

Whenever I edit my Instagram photos I use my MacBook because I have multiple softwares on there that I much prefer using and I can do quite a few images in one go. To sum up how it goes, my hand gets very tired because of the angle that I am sitting at and how the trackpad is positioned on MacBooks.

A couple of months ago now I was ever so lucky as to receive the Penclic R3 which is a wireless pen mouse if you like. It simply is a pen on a computer mouse. I struggled before when using a computer mouse because my fingers are double jointed they didn't sit properly over the shape. Due to the Penclic being the shape and size of a pen it is incredibly easy to use as I do write a lot of notes in class and so am used to holding a pen! As you can see in the image above you even use it just like a pen, except it is on a little square block which helps to move it around easily.

I have even been using the Penclic R3 for completing some of my college work which usually takes me a long time, especially doing all my annotations and labelling, but being able to use something that is just like a pen has literally halved the time! I used to spend hours on homework but now I don't because it is so much easier and comfier to hold the Penclic R3 I whizz straight through it all!

So the mouse itself has a battery inside of it which you charge up using a cable which plugs into the mouse. I have only charged mine up once and it has lasted such a long time while I have been editing away into the night so I am rather impressed.

If you struggle with holding a mouse or find yourself in pain using a normal mouse then I recommend you try out a Penclic because once you have you will never want to go back! Well... I don't want to anyway. For a wireless mouse that is like no other on the market it is a lot more affordable than I ever anticipated it would be, you can check them out HERE!

- Abigail x

Travel Diary | Florida '17


Taking photographs has to be one of my favourite things to do at the moment and I'm learning so much more about different ways to use my camera. I recently went on holiday to Florida with my family and so thought I would share some of my favourite images with you on my little corner of the internet.

While we were in Florida my best friend Chloe flew down with her parents to see us which was ever so lovely. You may remember Chloe from a post I did back in October which was all about me flying over to surprise her after 8/9 years (READ IT HERE)!

- Abigail x

Summer Travelling... Gone Wrong?*


If you follow me on social media then you would've seen that back in May I passed my driving test! I am now on the roads in my little car driving around... sensibly I might hope. I am partnering with Point S for this blog post (which is a website in which you can purchase car tyres from) to tell you some dangers of driving around in the summer!

Exploding Tyres
Can you imagine you are just driving along enjoying the views of the ocean over the edge of a cliff,  when you suddenly hear a loud bang. You're losing control of your car and unsure on what to do. This is what it is like when your tyre has exploded. When the wheels are constantly turning they are creating a lot more heat (hot air takes up more space than cold air causing your tyres to expand), add in the warm weather on the tarmac your tyres are going to be very hot. All the mix of friction and heat will cause them to explode! Now don't worry, this isn't going to happen to you whenever you drive but just make sure you are checking your tyres regularly when the air is cold.

Engine Failure
There are many different ways that engine failure can occur, trust me - I've done my research. The one way that I think is most likely to happen while travelling is flooding your engine. If you're driving around and drive through a deep puddle or even a couple can really damage your engine. The water can find its way to the spark plug and suddenly, you're pulled over on the side of the road with an engine that no longer works. Another side note... Don't avoid any leaks, always get them checked out!

Laws about Tyres
Do you know the legal tyre depth for the tyres on your car? Well if not you're in the right place because I know. Having recently passed my test one of the questions I had to be able to answer was the legal minimum tyre depth, which is 1.6mm all the way around in different places! If you find your tires are not 1.6mm then head on over to Point S Website and you can get yourself some new car tyres or just the one!

With the nights being lighter everyone is out later, meaning less time to sleep. Now I know that if I am not in bed by 11, I will be grouchy and spacey the next day. Getting in your car tired can cause the same effects as driving under the influence of alcohol. Your concentration and reaction rates are incredibly reduced causing not only you but also everyone else on the road in danger. Make sure you have had enough rest before you next get into your car and drive because you are putting everyone else you in danger too.

Make sure you go and check out Point S because you may be able to find some good deals on tyres for your car!

-Abigail x

Lets Talk Periods | BetttyBox*



There is seemingly some stigma online around talking about periods and it is an uncomfortable topic for some to talk about. Well I guess not me! When the time comes around all you want to do is stay in bed eating as much food as possible while watching every film under the sun. 

A week ago I was lucky enough to receive the July Betty Box, which is a monthly subscription service aimed at young teens to help make that time of the month a little bit easier. Your first box is only £6.99, an absolute bargain when you think about how expensive tampons and pads are! After your first box the price increases slightly to £10.50 which is incredibly affordable for everything that is in your box!

In July there was so many goodies that I absolutely adored! I am a big fan already of the Hairon bands because they leave no kinks in my hair and to see them in the box I was very impressed, as these alone are normally just £3.99!   I know of this because in the box as well is a little booklet of not only the costing of the products individually but also stories about topics based around that month. With July being a month of holidays there was a story on '7 Myths about Sun Protection You Really Shouldn't Believe.' which I found not only helpful but such a good touch!

As well as the box 'for you' there is also a box 'for night', 'for later' and a drawstring bag 'for now'. The lids to the boxes easily come off so you can stand them in a draw to grab one or on a shelf to easily get to. The drawstring bag 'for now' is a great disguise for hiding your supplies in your school bag. When I was in school I was always worried about someone seeing my stash in my bag so always stored my pads and tampons  in a little makeup bag. Well the lovelies over at Betty Box have got you covered!
You are able to decide on what supplies come in your box when you place your order. There is a wide range of brands and different types that Betty can provide you with. There is different absorption types and different sizes over on the website and if you like a mix of tampons and pads then you can! The box is so flexible and allows for you to have whatever you like so there is no worry that it won't suit you. You can then order your Betty Box to come on whatever date suits you so you can get it a week before your period is due on or a couple of days, whichever suits you best!

Let me know if you have ever ordered a Betty Box and what you think of them, I now love the idea!

- Abigail x

June In Photographs.


I was recently reading Jessica Joseph's blog when I saw a reoccurring post she did once a month, named after each month prior to that one. Last Sunday she uploaded a post called June and it inspired me to do the same! Jessica is the first person to do this (or so that I can find) so I'm giving her full credit for the idea and here is her blog if you want to check hers out:

So here is what happened in June that I felt was worth noting in my online space, all taken from my iPhone!

- Walking around the Heather Gardens at Virginia Water.
- Finally getting more blonde put back in my hair!
- Seeing the amazing Little Mix in concert.
- Walking along Basingstoke Canal.
- Starting the second year of learning at Sixth Form.
- Changing locations where I work and LOVING IT!
- Forever taking pictures of pretty flowers at work because we have an amazing florist.
- And Finally... Getting eyelash extensions for the first time courtesy of PrettyMePerfect!

-Abigail x

Slapp Ldn Review*


Does anyone else struggle with trying to find the perfect foundation shade? Matching my face to my neck but then testing a certain foundation on a certain part of your body gets way too confusing for me. Imagine if there was an app that allowed you to match your selfies to different foundations... oh wait... there is!

Slapp London is an app that allows you to upload a selfie (or take a live one in the app), you can then select different parts of your face until you have a shade. Then the app works out which shade in foundation/concealer/contour you need to be wearing. It is a life changer! I have been playing around with the app for a couple of weeks now and I have tried some products that are in my 'shade' to see if the app truly does work.

I took some screenshots of me trying out the app and inserted them for you to see what I meant by my attempt of describing it above! To the right is my no makeup selfie taken in broad daylight so that I could get the best results. I tried to select areas of my face that I felt were most representable of my face so my chin, cheeks, nose and forehead.

The app matched me as shade #f5d3ae which is fairly pale... probably because I scrubbed off all my fake tan! Anyway, the lovely people over at Slapp then sent over two products that were in my shade so that I could see if the app truly works!

The two products I tried out were the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in the shade Porcelain and the LA Girl HD Pro BB Cream in the shade Fair.

I was a bit sceptical on whether the products would match my skin tone, after all they were determined through my iPhone. The BB cream matches me perfectly, it blends into my skin so smoothly you can hardly notice it is there. The colour is identical to my face which is crazy to think.

The concealer is one shade lighter than my natural skin tone which is perfect because it allows me to use it to highlight and brighten up my under eye area. This concealer has quickly become up there as one of my favourite concealers because it is so full coverage.

If you're looking to get your hands on a new foundation or concealer make sure you go check out the Slapp app first! Not only will you get your perfect shade but it will then take you straight through to the website to purchase all the makeup to your hearts desire!

You can download it for your iPhone HERE

-Abigail x

Neutrogena's Hydro Boost Range* | A Review by My Mum & Me.


So three weeks ago now, I attended a blogging event in Soho, London with the lovely ladies who represent Johnson&Johnson. Before I had attended the event I never realised how many brands that I already use everyday are owned by them such as Neutrogena, Clean & Clear, Aveeno and many others. The ladies were all so lovely and let us take home some of the products so that we could test them out for ourselves.

One range of products that I have been lucky to try is the Hydro Boost range by Neutrogena which has recently been released. It is specifically targeted at an older generation (which I didn't even know Neutrogena did!) who have dry and thirsty skin. I wouldn't class myself as part of the older generation so I knew that I had to rope my mum into trying out some of the products while also testing some myself. Here is what we both had to say about the products....

My Review

I have been using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost GelĂ©e Milk cleanser, which you take on a cotton wool pad and wipe over your face, eyes and lips to remove all the makeup and dirt that may be on there. I was rather sceptical about the idea of a milk formula that you then don't have to wash off because you would think it would leave behind a residue of being greasy... but it doesn't at all! Like the rest of the Hydro Boost range that I have tried it leaves your skin unbelievably soft before even applying a moisturiser.  The smell of the Milk cleanser is also absolutely divine, its so fresh!

I am an awful blogger and lost my image of the wipes and now the packet is empty where I have been loving them so much,  I'm afraid there is no close up picture :(((

I have also been using the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Facial wipes. The wipes claim to remove waterproof mascara as well as boosting the hydration in your skin and trust me they do remove all my makeup! I am normally quite partial towards makeup wipes because they react with my skin and so make me break out a lot more than I would like, however because the Neutrogena wipes are suitable for sensitive skin they haven't been irritating me at all. Every time I use a wipe my skin is unbelievably soft and isn't dry to the touch either, even after removing all my makeup... even the stubborn mascara. If you are heading to a festival this year I would recommend you had some of these facial wipes to hand because after spending the day covered in glitter and whatever else, the hydration really helps!

Now onto my mums part of the review.....

Recently I have been loving a rather expensive high end moisturiser but at £80 a tube it was going to be costing me a lot of money. When Abigail returned home from the event she told me all about the Neutrogena Hydro boost range and I couldn't believe how affordable it all was. After using the Hydro Boost Water Gel for nearly 3 weeks now I can definitely notice a difference in how my skin not only feels but also looks. Every morning when I apply the water gel it wakes me up because of how refreshing it is but then soaks right up into my skin ready for my makeup. I am definitely sticking to this moisturiser instead of heading back up the expensive lane!

So because Abigail tried out the milk cleanser I have been using the Micellar water which removes waterproof mascara as well as moisturising your skin. You're probably thinking, how on earth can a makeup remover hydrate your skin? Well I have no idea either but Neutrogena have done it perfectly. You only need a little bit of the Micellar water on a cotton wool pad because a small bit goes a long way! There is no greasy residue either which is a bonus because I hate feeling like there is something still sitting on my skin even when the makeup is gone.

I hope you enjoyed this review that was done by my mother and I, let me know what your favourite skincare products are below!

- Abigail x

The Best Highlighters - For That Popping Glow.


Everyone loves having that 'popping' highlighter and the shimmering look when the sun hits the top of their cheek bones perfectly. In my opinion, highlighters have definitely grown in the beauty industry over the past 6 months. I always notice someones popping cheek bones and chiseled nose if i stare long enough... creepy I know. I've been trying to find my favourite highlighter for so long now and I have finally narrowed it down to my top 3, which none the less look rather similar... apart from one being slightly more pink toned.

Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics has to be the most sought after highlighter of summer 2016. When I was over in the United States of America, I had to visit at least 4 different Sephora's before I could find one that had Champagne Pop in stock. Let me tell you, it was the best wait I had ever made. The rose gold shimmer and gold speckles, make such a beautiful colour. The highlighter blends so seamlessly onto the skin and is a subtle glow. The colour is definitely buildable and the more of a POP that you want then the more I'd recommend you apply! The texture of the Becca highlighter is so buttery like a cream highlight but is a powder.. it's so confusing but so beautiful so I don't mind. 

(swatches are at the bottom!)

Next has to be the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm, which is the perfect golden shimmer. Not only is this highlighter the perfect shade it is also the most affordable highlighter I have ever found, especially when it goes on sale practically every month over at The highlight is so powerful and pigmented you hardly need much but I still layer it on and go through so many of them (If you follow me on Instagram you would've seen I keep buying them). Like I said this highlighter is so affordable especially for something of such high quality and its long wearing durability like it is a high end highlighter.

(swatches are at the bottom!)

Dripping in Gold by Anastasia Beverly Hills from the That Glow, Glow kit is also one of my favourite highlighters because of the brightness that is given off. Dripping in gold is on the right hand side above and even though Bubbly has hit pan I never reach for it anymore I tend to go for Dripping in Gold because it comes off slightly warmer and is more golden. The Anastasia highlighters are all so beautiful but Dripping in Gold looks like you have a gold glittery bar on your cheek bones, its so beautiful. If you wanted something slightly pricier than this is definitely a good option but you do get four highlighters so it is worth it if you will you them all. The bright yellowy/gold highlight, Sunburst I only use in my inner corner of the eye for a pop but apart from that I think it would look best on paler skin.

(swatches are at the bottom!)

So if you skipped reading anything I wrote above then here are the swatches for all three of the amazing highlighters. The top photo is without a flash and the bottom is with a flash. As you can see Champagne pop is slightly pinker in colour than the other two however they are all so gorgeous I can't resist the temptation to wear them all.

-Abigail x

Photo Diary | New Jersey and Florida


In year 3 of primary school, Chloe (one of my best friends) left the United Kingdom to live in New Jersey, USA and in those 9 years till now we had only seen each other in person once...Once! So in July I was sat in Florida and thought to myself about flying 3,400+ miles to go surprise Chloe. I messaged Chloe's mum who loved the idea and from then on I just had to buy myself a ticket and somehow keep it a secret from the one person I tell everything to. I was due to fly out on the evening of Tuesday, 25th October 2016, to surprise Chloe who still had no idea.. I thought I had blown it when Chloe asked me to FaceTime Tuesday night however I said I couldn't as I was 'working'... I've never worked the late shift but hey, there is a fake first for everything.

I managed to get through the airport, hop on my flight (which was incredible, I loved all the food and the experience as it was my first time flying alone. I definitely would recommend Virgin I'd never flown with them before but I loved it) and before I knew it I was in America. Three months was too long to be apart from a place I love so dearly.

Surprising Chloe and seeing her reaction has to be the best thing I have ever seen. I posted a video on twitter which I now can't find rather annoyingly.. but I couldn't stop smiling or crying! While staying with Chloe and her family they surprised us both with a weekend trip down to Florida to soak up some rays which I was ecstatic for. Like when I've travelled before I always share my favourite pictures with you, so here are my favourites from New Jersey and Florida!

(If you want to have a nosey at Chloe... Here is her Twitter and Instagram)

-Abigail x

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