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Photo Diary | New Jersey and Florida


In year 3 of primary school, Chloe (one of my best friends) left the United Kingdom to live in New Jersey, USA and in those 9 years till now we had only seen each other in person once...Once! So in July I was sat in Florida and thought to myself about flying 3,400+ miles to go surprise Chloe. I messaged Chloe's mum who loved the idea and from then on I just had to buy myself a ticket and somehow keep it a secret from the one person I tell everything to. I was due to fly out on the evening of Tuesday, 25th October 2016, to surprise Chloe who still had no idea.. I thought I had blown it when Chloe asked me to FaceTime Tuesday night however I said I couldn't as I was 'working'... I've never worked the late shift but hey, there is a fake first for everything.

I managed to get through the airport, hop on my flight (which was incredible, I loved all the food and the experience as it was my first time flying alone. I definitely would recommend Virgin I'd never flown with them before but I loved it) and before I knew it I was in America. Three months was too long to be apart from a place I love so dearly.

Surprising Chloe and seeing her reaction has to be the best thing I have ever seen. I posted a video on twitter which I now can't find rather annoyingly.. but I couldn't stop smiling or crying! While staying with Chloe and her family they surprised us both with a weekend trip down to Florida to soak up some rays which I was ecstatic for. Like when I've travelled before I always share my favourite pictures with you, so here are my favourites from New Jersey and Florida!

(If you want to have a nosey at Chloe... Here is her Twitter and Instagram)

-Abigail x

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