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The Best Highlighters - For That Popping Glow.


Everyone loves having that 'popping' highlighter and the shimmering look when the sun hits the top of their cheek bones perfectly. In my opinion, highlighters have definitely grown in the beauty industry over the past 6 months. I always notice someones popping cheek bones and chiseled nose if i stare long enough... creepy I know. I've been trying to find my favourite highlighter for so long now and I have finally narrowed it down to my top 3, which none the less look rather similar... apart from one being slightly more pink toned.

Champagne Pop by Becca Cosmetics has to be the most sought after highlighter of summer 2016. When I was over in the United States of America, I had to visit at least 4 different Sephora's before I could find one that had Champagne Pop in stock. Let me tell you, it was the best wait I had ever made. The rose gold shimmer and gold speckles, make such a beautiful colour. The highlighter blends so seamlessly onto the skin and is a subtle glow. The colour is definitely buildable and the more of a POP that you want then the more I'd recommend you apply! The texture of the Becca highlighter is so buttery like a cream highlight but is a powder.. it's so confusing but so beautiful so I don't mind. 

(swatches are at the bottom!)

Next has to be the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm, which is the perfect golden shimmer. Not only is this highlighter the perfect shade it is also the most affordable highlighter I have ever found, especially when it goes on sale practically every month over at The highlight is so powerful and pigmented you hardly need much but I still layer it on and go through so many of them (If you follow me on Instagram you would've seen I keep buying them). Like I said this highlighter is so affordable especially for something of such high quality and its long wearing durability like it is a high end highlighter.

(swatches are at the bottom!)

Dripping in Gold by Anastasia Beverly Hills from the That Glow, Glow kit is also one of my favourite highlighters because of the brightness that is given off. Dripping in gold is on the right hand side above and even though Bubbly has hit pan I never reach for it anymore I tend to go for Dripping in Gold because it comes off slightly warmer and is more golden. The Anastasia highlighters are all so beautiful but Dripping in Gold looks like you have a gold glittery bar on your cheek bones, its so beautiful. If you wanted something slightly pricier than this is definitely a good option but you do get four highlighters so it is worth it if you will you them all. The bright yellowy/gold highlight, Sunburst I only use in my inner corner of the eye for a pop but apart from that I think it would look best on paler skin.

(swatches are at the bottom!)

So if you skipped reading anything I wrote above then here are the swatches for all three of the amazing highlighters. The top photo is without a flash and the bottom is with a flash. As you can see Champagne pop is slightly pinker in colour than the other two however they are all so gorgeous I can't resist the temptation to wear them all.

-Abigail x

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