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Slapp Ldn Review*


Does anyone else struggle with trying to find the perfect foundation shade? Matching my face to my neck but then testing a certain foundation on a certain part of your body gets way too confusing for me. Imagine if there was an app that allowed you to match your selfies to different foundations... oh wait... there is!

Slapp London is an app that allows you to upload a selfie (or take a live one in the app), you can then select different parts of your face until you have a shade. Then the app works out which shade in foundation/concealer/contour you need to be wearing. It is a life changer! I have been playing around with the app for a couple of weeks now and I have tried some products that are in my 'shade' to see if the app truly does work.

I took some screenshots of me trying out the app and inserted them for you to see what I meant by my attempt of describing it above! To the right is my no makeup selfie taken in broad daylight so that I could get the best results. I tried to select areas of my face that I felt were most representable of my face so my chin, cheeks, nose and forehead.

The app matched me as shade #f5d3ae which is fairly pale... probably because I scrubbed off all my fake tan! Anyway, the lovely people over at Slapp then sent over two products that were in my shade so that I could see if the app truly works!

The two products I tried out were the LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in the shade Porcelain and the LA Girl HD Pro BB Cream in the shade Fair.

I was a bit sceptical on whether the products would match my skin tone, after all they were determined through my iPhone. The BB cream matches me perfectly, it blends into my skin so smoothly you can hardly notice it is there. The colour is identical to my face which is crazy to think.

The concealer is one shade lighter than my natural skin tone which is perfect because it allows me to use it to highlight and brighten up my under eye area. This concealer has quickly become up there as one of my favourite concealers because it is so full coverage.

If you're looking to get your hands on a new foundation or concealer make sure you go check out the Slapp app first! Not only will you get your perfect shade but it will then take you straight through to the website to purchase all the makeup to your hearts desire!

You can download it for your iPhone HERE

-Abigail x

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