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June In Photographs.


I was recently reading Jessica Joseph's blog when I saw a reoccurring post she did once a month, named after each month prior to that one. Last Sunday she uploaded a post called June and it inspired me to do the same! Jessica is the first person to do this (or so that I can find) so I'm giving her full credit for the idea and here is her blog if you want to check hers out:

So here is what happened in June that I felt was worth noting in my online space, all taken from my iPhone!

- Walking around the Heather Gardens at Virginia Water.
- Finally getting more blonde put back in my hair!
- Seeing the amazing Little Mix in concert.
- Walking along Basingstoke Canal.
- Starting the second year of learning at Sixth Form.
- Changing locations where I work and LOVING IT!
- Forever taking pictures of pretty flowers at work because we have an amazing florist.
- And Finally... Getting eyelash extensions for the first time courtesy of PrettyMePerfect!

-Abigail x

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