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My Top Three Travelling Essentials*


Now that I have been on quite a few holidays where I have been responsible for sorting out my own things and then packing my own bag, I have come to learn there are a few things in life that are necessities when going away.... and others that really need to stay at home.

1. To kick start my list I am going to begin with Ziplock Bags. These sound crazy but trust me, they are so handy. I have small, medium and large sized bags all with cute patterns on of course but they are perfect for travelling. The small ziplock bags can be used for your carry on toiletries because you can sort them all out at home and have them in the bag ready. The medium sized ziplock bags are perfect for your shampoo and conditioner, your sun lotion and even your moisturiser because you can zip them all up and not have to worry about them getting on your clothes if they leak. Finally the large ziplock bags are perfect for your dirty laundry when coming home. If you separate your laundry out of the clean clothes then unpacking will be so much easier! If you are on a sunny holiday and are using a swimming pool or going to the beach on your last day you can then easily rinse your swimwear and pop it in a medium bag as to not get your other clothes wet. Who knew ziplock bags where such a life saver!

2. The second item I completely recommend you take on holiday with you whether it is somewhere hot or cold, is a small waterproof makeup bag/wash bag. You might be thinking why on earth would I need this.. let me tell you. The bag is perfect for popping inside of your beach bag with your phone and car keys in, not only are they easy to find they are also easily protected from getting sandy or wet. If you're on a cold holiday then it is just as perfect because  you're out all day in the cold, pop your keys and your phone in a sock or too to keep them warm and insulated, then into the bag and voila. Your keys and phone won't be wet from rain or snow and are also kept warm so they don't stop working!

3. Lastly I am going to mention something that stays at home... but is a travelling essential in my eyes. The Smarthome Panasonic* is a home security system that can do many things including: track if any windows or doors have been opened, it also has an indoor camera as well as an outdoor camera (which is weatherproof of course!), you can turn appliances on and off... the list is endless! Everything I have mentioned you can simply track on your phone or tablet anywhere in the world, even while you're sunbathing on the beach or hiking up a mountain. This is a travel essential to me especially with how our current world is and the ever changing weather conditions it would be great if while you were away you could have peace of mind knowing everything was going to be okay.

If you want to find out more information about the Smarthome Panasonic* then you can click HERE!

-Abigail x

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