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Penclic, Does it really work?*


Can you imagine a mouse... thats a pen? Well neither could I until i tried it, and now I'm OBSESSED.

Whenever I edit my Instagram photos I use my MacBook because I have multiple softwares on there that I much prefer using and I can do quite a few images in one go. To sum up how it goes, my hand gets very tired because of the angle that I am sitting at and how the trackpad is positioned on MacBooks.

A couple of months ago now I was ever so lucky as to receive the Penclic R3 which is a wireless pen mouse if you like. It simply is a pen on a computer mouse. I struggled before when using a computer mouse because my fingers are double jointed they didn't sit properly over the shape. Due to the Penclic being the shape and size of a pen it is incredibly easy to use as I do write a lot of notes in class and so am used to holding a pen! As you can see in the image above you even use it just like a pen, except it is on a little square block which helps to move it around easily.

I have even been using the Penclic R3 for completing some of my college work which usually takes me a long time, especially doing all my annotations and labelling, but being able to use something that is just like a pen has literally halved the time! I used to spend hours on homework but now I don't because it is so much easier and comfier to hold the Penclic R3 I whizz straight through it all!

So the mouse itself has a battery inside of it which you charge up using a cable which plugs into the mouse. I have only charged mine up once and it has lasted such a long time while I have been editing away into the night so I am rather impressed.

If you struggle with holding a mouse or find yourself in pain using a normal mouse then I recommend you try out a Penclic because once you have you will never want to go back! Well... I don't want to anyway. For a wireless mouse that is like no other on the market it is a lot more affordable than I ever anticipated it would be, you can check them out HERE!

- Abigail x

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