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Turning 18 | What to Wear*


Just last week I turned 18, leading up to it I was stuck on what to wear to a party with my friends or even for a meal for my family.  I then decided that I would share a blog post with some outfit ideas that I have loved and so you might be able to get some inspiration. I am fully aware I'm not your normal fashion blogger. I don't look as fabulous as they do and being a student means I can't pay professional photographers and so I pay my best friend with our friendship to do it for me.

I tried my best to show you how much I loved these outfits and I hope you can see that!

This first outfit was my most 'civilised' outfit if you will because it wasn't short or low cut. I paired the  Madelyn Taupe Jumpsuit Set* from an online website called Tobi with the most gorgeous shoes from Ego Official* to add a different colour into the Nude mix. I added a fur jacket with my outfit too because with this temperamental British weather you can never tell if its going to be cold, hot or rain! I cut the label out of this jacket a long time ago but I have found a similar one from New Look here.

My second outfit was more of a party outfit for me because it was a little short and the slope in the dress is different to what I've seen in bodycon dresses before. This dress came from Tobi and even has the special bit of plastic in the top of the dress to hold it up which I can never find inside dresses these days, find this dress Here.  Like before I paired the dress with the Perspex heels from Ego Official because they broke up the gap between the floor and the dress with a little more black. Finally I partnered the outfit with a Coat from H&M.

My final outfit was my most 'girly' outfit of the three because it was a floral dress without being a floral print. The Skater Dress is the most beautiful lace pattern that I want this dress in every single colour now. Duck egg blue is a colour that I would never normally wear but in this dress I will happily wear it. The shoes are partnered this dress with are from Newlook and are a similar pattern. I decided to wear floral patterned shoes with the floral patterned dress because why not go from one extreme to another.  Unfortunately I cannot find these shoes anywhere but here are some similar.

- Abigail x

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