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I am 'that' someone who always reaches for the same brushes every time they do their makeup. Adding new brushes into my routine is silly right? Especially when I know which brush does what and which brush goes in which colour? Well today was the day I tried out some new eyeshadow brushes to see if they could take over my everyday (probably overused) ones.

The two brushes I tried out were both from So-Eco who promote that their brushes are from eco friendly sources as well as being cruelty free - hence the name 'So-Eco'.

The first brush was the Eye Shading Brush* which is perfect for applying a base colour all over the lid and for cutting the crease! The bristles are so very soft that they glide across your eye without scratching or taking away any product. The brush I find, works better with powders than a cream eyeshadow but works very well with concealer. I don't know what it is but whenever I cut my crease with this brush it works perfectly every-time!

The second brush I have been using is the Angled Eyeliner Brush*. I struggle as it is to use a liquid eyeliner with a pen-like tip so I was curious to see how I would do with a liner brush. I sucked. I was terrible at applying liquid eyeliner with the brush because I don't have a steady enough hand. However, as soon as I swapped to a black eyeshadow it looked amazing. The bristles are packed together to create a small line which is angled and positioned in a way that means you can see what you are doing. 

Both brushes also have a precision comfort grip, which I think definitely helped with me being more accurate in where I wanted the brush to go each time. The Eye Shading Brush I have moved into my 'everyday makeup brushes pot' as it is so good at applying the perfect base! As much as I have loved getting to experiment with the Angled Eyeliner brush I am going to save that for going out instead of everyday use for now as I'm still not good at getting it perfect... after all practice does make perfect.

You can purchase So-Eco brushes from many places but the easiest is probably Amazon as they are available on prime!

-Abigail x

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