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Leaving Full Time Education.


It has finally come to that time of year where exams have taken over my life (hence the blog taking a back seat). As of yesterday (25/05/18) I finished Sixth Form, so no more second year teaching for me. I have two exams left to sit now both in English Language.

However with half term now upon us I can take full advantage of an extra couple of hours where I would normally be chatting in class to write blog posts that I haven't had the opportunity to in what feels like forever! I thought coming back online I would start with what has prevented me from being online and talk about what college was like.

On a break from revision I went
for a walk around a lake
near my house and it is full of beautiful flowers.
I studied three subjects at sixth form: English Language, Medical Science and Health & Social Care. If you've been following my blog for a while then you will know that I am hoping to go to university in September and study to become a Children's Nurse which has been my dream for as long as I can remember. I might do a blog post soon talking about how I found this love and passion for wanting to care for other people because thats a whole other story.

When I first started college I loved all of my subjects, everything I did I enjoyed and I looked forward to going to class every week. As things started to get harder I started to struggle a lot more and wasn't seeing the outcome in my grades that I had wanted. I started to realise that the way I revised for GCSEs was not going to work for A-Levels and I took a new approach to learning everything.

I wrote a letter to myself after my AS exams last year because I felt like I had done absolutely terrible and it is saved as a draft blog post... Every time I started to feel as though I was struggling I would read this letter and it motivated me to work harder. I was very surprised at my AS grades because they were a lot higher than any grades I had had the whole year, one of my subjects increased by 3 whole grades which was ridiculous to me! I was so proud of myself for managing to set my mind on something and eventually achieve it and so I've tried to have the same mind set this year.

I've worked so hard towards my exams that I have had so far I just hope that this work pays off and I can get into university to pursue the dream I've always had.

Thank you to any of you that have stuck by me on this journey through my GCSEs and now my A Levels. Here's to you hopefully sticking around to find out if I get into university.

-Abigail x

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