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Travel Diary | New Jersey'18


If you haven't already read my blog post about my trip away this summer then you wouldn't know that while I was out in Florida I booked a surprise trip up to New Jersey to see Chloe, who I have infact surprised before.

This time I truly thought Chloe had caught on and would be suspecting that I would surprise her because we'd been talking for months about me flying up. Originally I was going to fly straight from London to New Jersey for Chloe's graduation party (without her knowing of course, who doesn't love a surprise!!) but when the flights doubled in price that plan soon changed! So last minute why not book a cheap flight with United up there!

We departed 2 hours late, oh boy do I love when planes have technical faults and they have to change the parts. Definitely puts me at ease for the whole flight! After sitting on the plane for quite some time before departing I was starting to get desperate to use the ladies. As soon as the seatbelt sign went off I was ready to leap out of my seat to go.... Except the two gentlemen in the middle and the aisle had both fallen into a deep sleep and I felt too bad waking them up. So for the whole, 2 hours 58 minute flight through storms... I sat crossed legged hoping for the best. You can imagine I ran like my life depended on it off that flight.

After getting to Chloe's house quite late I was worried she would be asleep now it was a lot later than expected. When I walked in Clifford and Bailey (Chloe's Dogs) knew who I was instantly and were both excited to see me. When I walked around the corner Chloe was sat in her Pj's watching the telly with her cup of tea. She was shocked to say the least. I had a lovely time in New Jersey, getting to see the beach, where Chloe is going to university, one of Chloe's friends Graduation parties and the biggest milkshake, candy extravaganza you ever would have seen!

As always here are all of my favourite photos from my mini trip away!

-Abigail x

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